Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hobbes and I had wanted to go to Manresa for a long time but somehow it never happened. And then last year there was a fire following which they closed down for repairs. So as soon as we found out that had reopened we showed up at the first available opportunity. And I can say, the wait was worth it.

The list of ingredients. The menu doesn't arrive until the end of the meal.


Granola crisp.

Petit fours "red pepper-black olive".

Green panisse with meyer lemon.

Seafood with fermented plum, caviar.

Arpege farm egg. Amazing presentation!

Followed by a bread course. Several kinds to choose from.

And now, on to main courses. Seven of them!

Sweet turnip consomme, citrus and matsutake. The non-vegetarian option substituted the citrus with crab but looked almost like this. Hobbes opted for meat, and I took the vegetarian options. We usually do this at restaurants so we get to sample a lot more dishes :). In my opinion it takes a lot more to make vegetables taste exquisite, so it is a good measure of the chef's skills. Manresa went to great lengths to makes the dishes look alike and didn't bat an eyelid when we said that our party consisted of both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Bonus points for that!

Parsley (scallop) and carrot with flowering coriander. The brackets denote the meat substitutions.

Into the vegetable garden ... Loved the plate!

Winter truffle.

 Porcini "norinade".

 Black cod "norinade".

Shitake rice porridge, morels, black vinegar.

Abalone porridge, morels, black vinegar.

Chanterelles, hoshigake mostarda and sweet potato.

Roast duck, hoshigake mostarda and sweet potato.

Delicata, buckwheat and smoked lentil.

Beef bowl, buckwheat and smoked lentil.

 The dessert courses begin.

Apple and celery with green tea.

Beignet, quince with yogurt and hibiscus.

Winter squash, chocolate and sherry vinegar.

Petit fours "strawberry-chocolate".

Additional desserts outside of the prescribed courses.



The take-home bag.
 What was in the bag.

 Along with the menu.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sun breakfast

Pancakes to celebrate the last day of holidays. Topped with mascarpone.

Sat night dinner

The resolution for 2015 is to blog more - post food pictures and put down my observations about music. Let's see how far I get, but here's the first one.

Tonight's dinner was goat biryani, tandoori gobhi, and onion raita. Washed down with some excellent wine.

The wine.

The gobhi was inspired by the lunches we used to have at the ICH canteen in Seepz.

The accompaniment.

And finally, the main attraction for the evening. Garnished with fried onions.

All set to eat.