Friday, September 01, 2006

Received the Out-of-Town package

After waiting for so long, we received the Fedex package finally. Yesterday afternoon when I checked the Fedex tracking page, I saw that the package had arrived in California, and was on a truck out for delivery. I immediately called Fedex and the rep told me that the package hadn't been delivered yet. So I rushed home from work, and waited, and waited, and waited .... Finally the package arrived around 5:30 pm :)

There were no goodies as some other people have reported, but I was happy to receive the thick book describing each and every movie in great detail.

On a side note, I emailed my list of movies for first and second preference yesterday, so I didn't need to send the package back. I also got confirmation that they would treat my email as an "order". Now let's see how many of the 15 movies we asked for, we finally get ...We are going to be in Toronto for 6 days, and we've bought the 30 coupon booklet, so we plan to catch 15 movies. Since this is also our first visit to Toronto, we hope to squeeze in some sightseeing and Indian-food-sampling into the trip. Any suggestions for the latter are most welcome!

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